About Us

Kristin Bodiford


Kristin is passionate about strengthening relational resources 

to propel social innovation & create positive change. She is a social scientist who loves to do mash-ups of relational, collaborative and participatory co-design approaches to applied research and practice.

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Paloma Torres Dávila


Paloma is a psychologist working on applied research focused on community development, trauma, and the prevention of violence and poverty. She incorporates integrated narrative and arts-based practice in research projects. 

Vanessa Vegter


Vanessa conducts critical research and critical research and counselor education. She also practices counseling in the context of family therapy.

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Kathryn Burroughs


Kathryn has spent most of her working life in non-profits focusing on social justice work. She provides training for professionals on the impact of domestic violence and trauma on children. Kathryn works closely with county and community-based organizations to develop cross-system collaboration, training, and trauma informed leadership. Kathryn also supports prevention work and circle keeping, with a restorative justice lens.