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It's all about relationships

Keeping relationships central, we tap into the power of collaboration to co-create new possibilities and innovate through action. We walk with partners from conception to implementation, as part of a continuous learning process. We offer processes that engage collective knowledge and expertise and support taking wise action in order to move towards a preferred future vision. We help facilitate processes to learn from and translate insights into action, better understand impact, and to tell the story of change.


Families Thrive


Families Thrive of Contra Costa County is actively marshaling resources and supporting partnerships to address the specific needs of children, youth, and families impacted by trauma and domestic violence.

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Co-Designing Health


In partnership with other generations, health workers, civil society and local leaders, older people in Uganda have come together to co-design solutions to improve health. Local solutions for health promotion developed by communities address constraints and engage strengths in the community to solve problems.

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Patient Journey Mapping


 Patient journey mapping is fundamentally a human-centered design approach with a focus on generating empathy and seeing patient’s worlds through their own eyes in order to develop more patient-centered solutions. Patient journey mapping can also be used to evaluate and tell the story of change. 

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Designing Research


Designing Research offers ways of 'being' in research that brings a sense of attentiveness, relationality and connection to research that is useful and productive as a daily practice.  

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Choppin' it Up


     In communities struggling with violence, people often view youth as “the problem” and neglect to view young people in the context of their lived experiences and paths to creating powerful identities, meaning, and well-being.  Choppin' it Up tapped into the transformative potential of youth as powerful social agents of positive change in their communities.

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Collaborating for Health


Collaborating for Health is a human-centered approach that starts with an understanding of the challenges older people face and supports communities to co-design responses to prevent chronic disease and promote healthy aging.

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